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About Me

My name is Danielle Lear and I am the owner of Emerald Coast Films. My parents started this videography company back in 2004 and after jokingly threatening a hostile takeover, they took the opportunity to retire and I took over.

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Family is the most important thing to me. I met my wonderful husband 8 years ago. He is the most playful, fun loving guy I’ve ever met and we have 2 wild, amazing, loving, crazy kids together.

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I love animals! I enjoy volunteering at animal shelters and sporadically surprising my husband with foster dogs.

I love to laugh! I have had the same best friend since the third grade and I’m fairly confident it’s because she’s an amazing comedian. *SHAMELESS PLUG:

I have no shame when it comes to shameless plugs. I’m lucky to be surrounded by wonderful, talented people and I’m all about promoting their awesomeness.

To me, having fun is vital!  No matter what happens, I truly think it’s important to stay positive and enjoy life!

Last but not least, I love video! My favorite moments are the unplanned, completely unexpected ones. I like to capture life the way it happens, genuine and unstaged.

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